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« When the other children were playing outside, I spent hours in the cars that my Father repaired, intoxicating me with their smells. Behind the steering wheel, which I barely passed, I was traveling on the spot. Even today I love sitting in an old car, smelling it, listening to it tell me its story…; They represent for me the passion of a lifetime. »

Laurent Lefebvre
Founder of LL Classic Cars

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Exceptional cars, exceptional services

We can find the ideal vehicle for you: thanks to a worldwide network, LL Classic Cars can find Your Car. Once found, the vehicle is checked to certify its condition, authenticity and history, to guarantee your investment.

Thanks to the excellent level of quality and the requirement of Oscar Lefebvre, the Atelier des Coteaux has become in 30 years a reference workshop where enthusiasts from all over the world come to benefit from the craftsmanship of the 22 highly qualified companions in vehicle restoration

Do you need a maintenance ? Do you need a guard for your car? Want to spruce up your vehicle? LL Classic Cars is a universe of services for your car.