Passion from father to son

My father often says that when I was a child he gave me tools and things to disassemble in the cars he repaired in his garage so that he would be quiet. My fascination with cars and motorcycles that we now call vintage or collectible dates back to that time.

These cars and motorbikes were going to accompany me all my life thanks to a renowned old car restorer father himself the son of a mechanic…

I enjoyed an exceptional childhood where the smells of gasoline and hot oil mixed with the scent of the leather of those old cars that no one wanted anymore at that time, old cars that my father refused to let die; they were already in his eyes a heritage to be safeguarded and passed on.

The first and most important thing he taught me was:

The value of an automobile lies in the passion of the men who thought it up, of those who created it, of those who dreamed of it and offered it to themselves, of those who saved it sometimes against winds and tides ; because that's what it's all about, passion and love.

Oscar Lefebvre, Founder of Garage des Coteaux

This passion and this love of beautiful automobiles have never left me. I have spent my life studying them, learning them and perfecting my technical and historical knowledge.

The birth of LL Classic Cars

It is with this passion that I created LL Classic Cars in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg where I have been working for more than 10 years. I put my experience at the service of enthusiasts to enable them to realize their dreams.

LL Classic Cars has a large number of collectible vehicles in exceptional condition but can also find YOUR Collector’s Car thanks to a global network and take care of everything to leave you nothing but the pleasure of enjoying it.

I have created at 106 route d’Esch in Luxembourg a place where you can come and spend some time in an environment of passion, and let yourself be captivated by the sculptural forms of a Jaguar XK 120, an old motorcycle or magnificent works of art. ‘art. A palace for the senses where time will seem suspended.