Our workshop

LL Classic Cars has an integrated workshop to provide quality after-sales service.

Our goal is to provide our customers with maximum peace of mind by having the same contact for the search for their vehicle, the purchase and the maintenance.

We offer a whole range of services such as maintenance, preparation for technical control, preparation for a rally, improvement of cars (installation of power steering, fitting of a 5-speed gearbox, fitting of brakes discs, etc.).

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Are you looking for a vehicle?

We can find it for you: thanks to a worldwide network, LL Classic Cars can find Your Car. Once found, the vehicle is checked to certify its condition, authenticity and history, to guarantee your investment. We provide you with a complete file of the vehicle so that you can study it. After your validation, we take care of everything until the long-awaited moment of delivery!

Describe the car you are looking for and we will contact you very quickly! Do you need advice? If you are not sure of the model you are looking for, if you rather have in mind a body shape, a dominant color, an engine… we will guide you by studying together the vehicle that will suit you. We define together: the type of vehicle that meets your criteria the budget, …and the search can then begin.

Invest in your passion

The classic automobile has become one of the major financial factors in the same way as Art.

The Art market has seen steady growth with capital gains of 206% over 10 years but with considerable volatility. At the same time, Classic Cars grew by 467% with low volatility. The Classic Car offers a secure return on investment and is not correlated to the financial markets.

Currently, no asset offers such performance. The volatility of the stock market requires adding diversification to your portfolio. Collector’s Automobiles provide a tangible physical asset rather than a promise in a financial market that could collapse at any time. The value of a Collector’s Car results from craftsmanship, they have a historical, nostalgic value, provoke emotions like no other. They often bring us back to the most beautiful moments of our lives by materializing our memories or allowing us to achieve a goal.

LL Classic Cars, thanks to its independent Wealth managers and Family office partners, can offer you personalized solutions in complete discretion in order to invest in your passion in the best conditions.

Do not hesitate to contact Laurent Lefebvre who will contact you.


Vehicle restoration

Laurent Lefebvre is the son of Oscar Lefebvre, founder of the famous Atelier des Coteaux located in the Champagne region, link to M6 Turbo report and to the TF1 auto moto report

Thanks to the excellent level of quality and the requirement of Oscar Lefebvre, the Atelier des Coteaux has become in 30 years a reference workshop where enthusiasts from all over the world come to benefit from the craftsmanship of the 22 highly qualified companions. in:

  • mechanical,
  • tune-up,
  • electricity,
  • bodywork,
  • forming,
  • paint,
  • woodwork

…to have their exceptional cars restored or maintained.

LL Classic Cars can offer you a total or partial restoration of your Classic Car in this mythical workshop, respecting the origin.

We can also offer you improvements on elements such as cooling, braking or transmission making your vehicle easier to use on a daily basis, with complete peace of mind.

These improvements are always reversible and allow you to return to the original configuration at any time.

You can follow the progress of the work by sending photos if we cannot move. But it is also possible at any time to go to the Workshop to see the progress of its restoration.


Beauty Institute

If you want your car to be as beautiful as the ones we offer, LL Classic Cars can provide its know-how and its team of specialists in Automotive aesthetic maintenance.

We offer a complete service of specific care for your beauty. We treat bodywork, chrome, plastics, fabrics, leathers, carpets and woodwork. Reviving the beauty of your Collector’s Car while retaining the patina that gives it its personality, we ensure its longevity for decades to come…